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Top 5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while observing social distancing

Mother’s Day is round the corner and while the world remains in a state of lockdown, we hope to keep the little joys of life alive by celebrating the most altruistic being – one who will forget her discomfort to accommodate your wellbeing.

Sew for her – Adding together points 1 and 2, you could start creating a gift for your mum. Get her on a call every chance you get and share the progress of her gift with her. Being the mum that she is, she may even give you a tip or two on how to better your project.

Set up a herb garden – Even if you didn’t cook to begin with, you would do it for your child. That’s usually why most women start cooking. A basic herb garden is the best and most handy gift and will earn you many brownie points.

We would love to know how you celebrated Mother’s Day. Tell us by commenting below!

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