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Viva Tote Bag with metal chain

USD 435
The Viva tote is a favorite for all those who love large purses. Not only does this handbag have lots of space, but it also has inner pockets so that the little knickknacks are always easy to reach. We’ve seen some very interesting ways in which this favorite purse is carried. SKU: KZ2202

Viva Big Clutch

USD 360
The Viva clutch bag is the perfect night-out bag. Available in a stunning range of colors, the clutch purse fits snugly as a palm carry or you can bling up your look with the metallic sling by carrying it should style. SKU: KZ2205

Viva Satchel – Medium

USD 352
The Viva satchel is a big favorite because of its playful design. Even more so when the stylish purse is worn cross-body, it immediately transforms into a carefree handbag from the chic one shoulder strap carry purse. SKU: KZ2206

Viva Shoulder Bag – Small

USD 309
The big difference in this purse is its small’ish size. If you prefer compact handbags but with the luxury of space, this Viva satchel is for you. SKU: KZ2207

Viva handbag for women

USD 438
A purse with a few words but one that makes a big mark - the Viva satchel bag is just that. The ladies handbag that makes an easy switch for both the night and day looks. SKU:  KZ2204

Viva Wallet – Wallets For Women

USD 157
With its cute scollops, this wallet or purse is the perfect complimentary accessory for a larger. Or if you prefer to use it all its own, that’s fine, too. It has the necessary compartments to house all your required paraphernalia. SKU: KZ726

Viva Wallet For Cards & Key Fob

USD 114
This Viva key fob or key holder will surprise you! It’s all you need to carry with you when you step out. It not only houses your keys but also has slots for plastic or credit cards as well as space to carry paper currency. SKU: KZ1031

Viva Hobo Bag

USD 386
If large bags or purses are what you prefer then the hobo style is for you. Especially the Viva hobo, as it comes in an array of colors and is best suited for the bright mornings to further perk up your day. SKU: KZ2203


Indulge in the vibrant essence of life with our Viva Leather Bag Collection, a captivating departure from mundane black or brown handbags. At Kaizer, we firmly believe that life is too short for dull accessories, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce this vivacious assortment that celebrates the colorful tapestry of existence.

The Viva Leather Bag Collection features an array of clutches and day bags in refreshing hues, ranging from daring reds and pinks to sunny yellows and oranges. Crafted meticulously from high-quality leather, each bag not only bursts with color but also boasts durability that lasts for years.

Beyond mere aesthetics, these bags are thoughtfully designed with practicality and functionality in mind. Available in various sizes, you can find the perfect fit for your needs – whether it’s a petite clutch for a night out or a spacious day bag for all your essentials. The convenience of online shopping allows you to effortlessly explore and purchase ladies bags from the Viva Leather Bag Collection, all from the comfort of your home.

Elevate your style and embrace life in full color with Kaizer’s latest collection. Buy ladies bags online with just a few clicks and infuse your wardrobe with vivacity. The Viva Leather Bag Collection is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of life’s vibrant moments.

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Discover the joy of accessorizing with a touch of vibrancy, as each bag in the Viva Leather Collection is a testament to the celebration of life’s diverse hues. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures that beyond the visual spectacle, these bags stand the test of time, becoming enduring companions for your bold and vibrant lifestyle. Whether you’re stepping out for a special event or embracing the everyday adventures, Kaizer’s Bags For Women offer both style and substance, creating a seamless blend of fashion and functionality.

As you explore the Viva Leather Bag Collection, immerse yourself in the versatility of our designs. From the sleek elegance of clutches to the spacious charm of day bags, there’s a perfect companion for every occasion. The bold colors and premium materials used in crafting these bags elevate them beyond mere accessories – they become expressions of your individuality. Online shopping with Kaizer ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to bring the vivacity of our collection into your wardrobe with just a few clicks.

Kaizer’s commitment to making a statement doesn’t stop at the aesthetics; it extends to the ethos of empowering women to embrace their vibrant selves. Each bag is not just a piece of fashion; it’s a symbol of confidence, a declaration of the wearer’s bold spirit. Join us in the celebration of life, color, and individuality – shop the Viva Leather Bag Collection today and embark on a journey where your style takes center stage, reflecting the vivacious spirit within.

At Kaizer, we understand that fashion is an extension of one’s personality, and our Viva Leather Bag Collection is designed to amplify your vibrant essence. Each bag is a canvas of color, a brushstroke of vivacity that adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to your ensemble. Whether you’re attending a soirée, a casual outing, or a special event, our Bags For Women are the perfect companions to express your unique style. The collection transcends trends, offering timeless designs infused with contemporary flair. We believe that every woman deserves a wardrobe filled with accessories that not only elevate her style but also celebrate the joy of living boldly. Embrace the kaleidoscope of possibilities with Kaizer’s Viva Leather Bag Collection – where fashion meets life in full color, and every bag tells a vibrant story of individuality. Shop now and let your style speak volumes with the vivacious spirit of Kaizer’s Bags For Women.