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Cosset coin purse with cardholder

USD 107
Cosset coin purse with cardholder : A cardholder and a coin purse – this one from the Cosset collection is the one thing to carry all your essentials; keys, coins, bills, plastic cards. While it is extremely compact, you will be surprised at how much it can hold. Spacious interior, 4 credit card slots. SKU: KZ728

Cosset Square Backpack

USD 515
If you are a square peg, this one is for you. This classy backback breaks some backpack design traditions making it unique. The straps can be worn in your favourite styles – pick the traditional crisscross or create your own! Single Gusset, Spacious interior, zippered pocket on the inside. SKU: KZ2215

Cosset Leather Backpack – Curved

USD 701
Cosset Backpack Curved : Inspired by geometry, the Cosset backpack is compact, trendy and everything functional. The outer look of the bag has clean straight lines. The inside comes with secure zippered pockets. Along with backpack straps, it even has a handle to carry it in your hand. Single Gusset, Spacious interior, zippered pocket on the inside. SKU: KZ2214

Shoulder bag – Cosset Leather – square small

USD 329
An evening shoulder bag from the Cosset collection. This square bag is heavily geometric in shape and is the perfect balance between classy and fashionable. SKU: KZ2209

Cosset Shoulder Bag – Curved

USD 343
A shoulder bag that will surely make heads turn. With a combination of two classic colours – black and blue, that literally makes it go with everything from formal to casual, day or evening, this purse from the Cosset collection is a classic favourite. Spacious interior, rounded base. SKU: KZ2208

Cosset shoulder bag – Oval

USD 315
Very unique in its design, this Cosset shoulder bag is perfect for the chic evening avatar. The metal shoulder strap enhances its stylish look. Carefully handcrafted in the perfect size, this bag has one big gusset to store everything you need for your evening. SKU: KZ2213

Cosset Shoulder Bag – with bottom studs

USD 343
Cosset shoulder bag : This chic shoulder purse has the added feature of foot studs. If you are particular about your bag being protected from underneath, this purse is the ideal pick for night out. And the detachable metallic shoulder strap adds the necessary bling you need. SKU: KZ2212

Cosset Keyholder

USD 114
Cosset Keyholder : None of those boring plain metallic keyholders will do anymore! But functionality hasn’t been compromised for style. This keyholder has a clasp that you can secure to any other accessory along with some other well-designed features. 3 key holder, key-ring, metal clasp for larger keys. SKU: KZ1034

Cosset Leather Bags & Cosset Wallets Collection

Welcome to the world of luxury and style with the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag Collection, where we present our exquisite full grain textured calf leather hand purse designed exclusively for women. Immerse yourself in the allure of high-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated design, as we explore the details that make each piece from this collection a true work of art.

Our Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag are meticulously crafted from premium full grain textured calf leather, ensuring a blend of durability and a luxurious aesthetic. The leather boasts a metallic sheen, adding a touch of opulence to these hand purses. The choice of materials reflects our commitment to providing accessories that not only stand the test of time but also make a bold fashion statement.

To enhance the durability and style of our Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag, the metal hardware is nickel-plated. This not only adds a contemporary and sleek finish to the bags but also ensures longevity, making them reliable companions for your everyday ventures. The attention to detail extends to the woven lining, a subtle yet elegant feature that elevates the overall design, embodying the essence of sophistication.

One of the key features of the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag is the adjustable leather shoulder strap. We understand the importance of comfort in accessorizing, and our bags are designed to provide a comfortable fit for all occasions. The adjustable strap allows you to customize the length, ensuring that your hand purse complements your style while offering practicality in your daily activities.

For secure and easy access to your belongings, the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag are equipped with a twist lock closure. This functional element adds a layer of convenience to your lifestyle, allowing you to retrieve items effortlessly while keeping them safe and secure. The marriage of style and functionality is at the core of our design philosophy, ensuring that each hand purse serves both fashion and practical needs.

As a signature touch, the metal marquee graces the design of our Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag. This subtle yet impactful detail adds a touch of sophistication, making a statement without overpowering the overall aesthetic. It’s a symbol of our dedication to creating accessories that are not just items but expressions of refined taste and individual style.

The Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag Collection is more than a lineup of accessories; it’s a showcase of versatility. Whether you’re dressing up for a glamorous night out or going about your daily errands, these hand purses effortlessly transition from one occasion to another. The metallic sheen, nickel-plated hardware, woven lining, adjustable shoulder strap, twist lock closure, and metal marquee collectively contribute to a collection that stands as a testament to the intersection of style and functionality.

In the realm of Cosset, we believe that accessories should not only enhance your look but also tell a story. Each piece from the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag Collection is a narrative of craftsmanship, luxury, and individuality. As you embrace these hand purses into your wardrobe, you’re not just carrying a bag – you’re making a statement about your discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Discover the Cosset Wallet Collection, a perfect complement to the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag. From the hand purse to the wallet, we extend our commitment to quality and style. The Cosset Wallets echo the same dedication to premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and thoughtful design that define our Leather Shoulder Bag. Explore the range and find the perfect pairing to complete your ensemble.

The Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag Collection is a celebration of femininity, luxury, and timeless style. Each hand purse is a manifestation of our dedication to providing women with accessories that not only elevate their fashion game but also stand as enduring symbols of elegance. Embrace the allure of full grain textured calf leather, the metallic sheen, and the intricate details that make the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag a must-have in every fashion-forward woman’s collection. Shop now and adorn yourself with the epitome of sophistication – the Cosset Leather Shoulder Bag.