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Rhetoric Leather Clutch Bag

USD 272

The Rhetoric collection is a vibrant and fun collection for the inner diva in you.

This rhetoric clutch breaks every norm of the usually tiny clutch. A big enough bag to make a sure statement along with its bold array of colours it is available in - red and mustard. One of our favourites that we are sure you will love too.

SKU: KB2120

Shadows clutch

USD 229
Shadows Clutch : This leather tote uses three different colors to form a unique pattern that befitting an even more distinctive design contour bag. SKU: KZ2218

Allure Tote Bag tricolor

USD 484
The Allure shopper, a big purse, comes in the most interesting design. It’s an array of triangles that come together in a fascinating pattern. What’s more, you can even customize the colors based on your liking. The best part of the handbag is that it has an additional accessory that hangs outside the purse to hold your keys. SKU: KI1899

Ascot Clutch Bag

USD 212
The Ascot collection leather tote is uniquely designed that’s trendy, making it a patina leather bag that can be used in the day as well as an evening bag. SKU: KI2021

Viva Tote Bag with metal chain

USD 435
The Viva tote is a favorite for all those who love large purses. Not only does this handbag have lots of space, but it also has inner pockets so that the little knickknacks are always easy to reach. We’ve seen some very interesting ways in which this favorite purse is carried. SKU: KZ2202

Adroit Laptop Bag for Women

USD 343
If a laptop bag or business bag is not really your style, then the Adroit laptop sleeve is meant for you. Very stylishly designed, it comes with almost all the functionality a laptop bag can offer but in a more compact fashion. SKU: KZ2717

Leather Handbag – Rhetoric

USD 629
The Rhetoric collection leather handbags is a vibrant and fun collection for the inner diva in you. Full-grain saffiano textured Italian calf leather handbags. SKU: KB2100

Midas Crossbody Bag

USD 205
Midas Crossbody Bag : Kaizer's newest collection of belt bags comes in three stunning colors - Black, Blue and Red. The belt bag is a season favorite and ideal as a hands free leather accessory. SKU: KZ2222

Midas Bag With Belt – Bag for Women

USD 205
Kaizer’s newest collection of belt bags comes in three stunning colours - Black, Blue and Red. The belt bag is a season favourite and ideal as a hands free leather accessory. SKU: KZ2221 To learn how to choose belt size click here.

Absolute Unisex Leather document bag

USD 660
Absolute Unisex document bag,Full grain Italian calf leather, vegetable tanned, antique finished metal signature, woven polyester lining, antique finished metal hardware, contrast double stitch, detachable & adjustable shoulder strap. Triple Gusset, spacious center gusset with single divider & full zipper opening, compartments on the front and the back with magnetic snap closure & zippered pocket. SKU: KZ1233

Au Fait Tote Bag

USD 372
Full grain saffiano Italian calf leather, nickel plated marquee, cotton lining, signature double stitch, tone on tone stitching. Double handle, spacious interior, zippered divider, zipper pocket on the inside, spacious interior, magnetic closure, adjustable and removable shoulder strap SKU: KZ1894

Absolute Tote

USD 446
Full-grain Italian calf leather, vegetable tanned, Nickle finished metal signature, woven polyester lining, Nickle finished metal hardware, tone-on-tone double stitch, double shoulder straps, foot studs. Spacious interior with zippered pocket divider, zippered pocket on the inside, 2 medium-sized receipt pockets SKU: KZ1887

Allure Shopper Bag

USD 332
Allure Shopper : Full-grain calf leather with the patent finish; handcrafted details; signature chrome finished plaque with a hint of curvature; foot studs. magnetic clasp with zipper closure; spacious interior; zipper pocket on the inside. SKU: KI1808S

Ascot Card Wallet

USD 129
The Ascot collection leather wallet captures a classic wallet style with patina leather stylish chevron pattern making it a trendy classic. SKU: KI939

Ascot Bag – Tote Crossbody Bag

USD 266
The Ascot collection leather tote is uniquely designed that’s trendy, making it a bag with patina leather that can be used in the day as well as an evening bag. Made with genuine calf leather that is ethically sourced, it is hand sewn for durability and to incorporate an adept style. SKU: KI2024

Tote Bag – Ascot

USD 559
The Ascot collection leather tote bag has an exclusive contour patina leather and it can be worn as a sling bag or carried on the arm. SKU: KI2023

Premium Leather Handbags & Leather Bags For Ladies

Step into the world of refined elegance and unparalleled sophistication with Kaizer Leather’s exclusive collection of meticulously crafted leather bags for women. Our commitment to creating more than just fashion accessories is evident in the very essence of our leather bags – designed to be true companions in your daily journey, seamlessly enhancing your lifestyle, whether you find yourself navigating the boardroom, exploring the city’s bustling streets, or indulging in a well-deserved weekend getaway.

Our extensive range of leather bags caters to a diverse array of tastes and preferences, offering styles that range from timeless classics to contemporary designs. The distinctive feature that sets our leather bags for women apart lies in the meticulous attention to detail and the careful selection of premium materials. The supple leather, which graces each bag, not only introduces a touch of luxury but also guarantees durability, transforming these bags into a lasting investment in your personal style.

At the heart of Kaizer Leather’s ethos is a commitment to sustainable practices. Our leather bags are crafted with utmost respect for the environment, allowing you to indulge in fashion with a conscience. Each bag becomes a symbol of responsible luxury, a conscious choice that contributes to a greener world without compromising on style, quality, or sophistication.

Recognizing that a handbag is more than just an accessory, our carefully curated collection of leather bags for women is a testament to our understanding of the diverse needs of modern women. It offers a broad spectrum of styles, sizes, and colors, ensuring that each bag becomes a unique expression of individuality. Whether your preference leans towards a spacious tote that effortlessly accommodates your work essentials or a chic crossbody companion for weekend outings, Kaizer Leather has a leather bag to suit every discerning woman.

Moving beyond mere aesthetic appeal, our leather bags for women are meticulously designed with functionality at the forefront. Each bag boasts thoughtful features such as multiple compartments, secure closures, and adjustable straps, ensuring that your bag not only looks good but also seamlessly serves its purpose. We believe in creating leather bags that effortlessly integrate into your daily routine, adding a touch of luxury to every aspect of your life.

As you explore our extensive collection, the versatility of our leather bags for women becomes increasingly apparent. These bags effortlessly transition from day to night, from casual to formal, making them the quintessential companions for any occasion. Our goal is to offer you more than just a product; we want to provide an immersive experience – an experience of discovering, choosing, and owning a piece of timeless elegance in the form of our meticulously crafted leather bags.

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Indulge in the timeless allure of Kaizer Leather’s meticulously crafted leather bags for women—an embodiment of enduring elegance, sustainability, and functionality, ensuring that each moment is elevated with sophistication and style.