Not Just Another Father’s Day Celebration

e celebration of fatherhood, Father’s Day, is known to date as far back as the 1500’s on the feast day of Saint Joseph.

But when Jane Addams, affectionately known as the mother of social work, proposed a citywide celebration of Father’s Day she was furiously turned down. Somewhere else in the world, a member of the Lions Club made a similar suggestion and even wanted to make it an official holiday. These were however, failed attempts to set the day in stone.

What really brought steam to the idea to a dedicated Father’s Day was on June 19th, 1910 when war veteran William Jackson Smart, single parent who raised six children, his daughter Sonora Smart Dodd proposed the idea again. The idea was well received and similar celebrations took place in multiple parts of Washington.

We continue to celebrate the role of a parent as a father vehemently in today’s times, as well. Father’s all around the world are showered with gifts, family activities are planned and the hullaballoo around the father is top notch on this particular day.

At Kaizer, we planned something super-special for ‘good ol’ pappy’. The amazing Gurkan Sef Steakhouse at Citywalk, Dubai got in touch with Kaizer to reward some hardworking dads. And what could be the best reward? A little bit of retail therapy with a tummy full of some delicious steak.

A fun group, British Dads in Dubai, were invited to the restaurant. The group included the corporate big daddy, the cool pop, the ol’ man you can turn to for advice, the ‘model’ pa and even a hee- haa cowboy daddy. This super interesting motley group was greeted with a house drink. Conversation was flowing right from the word go. Amongst guffaws of laughter and nuggets of serious conversation, when the dads were taking a break between courses, Kaizer was introduced as a luxury brand for bags and accessories handcrafted from pure Italian leather.

There was keen interest among the group with a lot of questions…

  1. Where does the leather come from?

The leather is ethically sourced and is then sent to traditional tanneries in Italy where it is vegetal tanned.

  1. Am I cool enough to carry off a leather bag?

Yeah! Leather is super versatile and at Kaizer there is a design and bag for everyone – a business bag for the corporate giant to a casual sling for the model / actor.

  1. How do I know what style suits me?

Visit the Kaizer showroom for leather bags for men (leather bags for women are available, too),, wear the bag and watch the man in the mirror surprise you!

… and many such others!

We ended the evening with all the cool dads going back with big smiles, full tummies and some more pampering in store for them from Kaizer.

We’d love to see memories made with your father. Share with us your father’s day celebration photos on @kaizerleather on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

If you would like to purchase Italian leather bags online, visit Kaizer at

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