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5 Types of Stylish Bags for Men to Carry to Work / Office

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5 Types of Stylish Bags for Men to Carry to Work / Office

Office goers men tend to pick briefcase bags to the office which helps them carry items such as documents, mobile phone, charger, etc. wherever they can. This bag dedicated for office use becomes a boring, mundane accessory that you have to carry; almost akin a mobile office. To get a cool chic look, most men have switched to Men’s messenger bags. Often they are used as style statements and the suddenly boring formal lives are changed to something fun! There are collections which offer a suitcase and business bag as a combination for businessmen who need frequent travel bags.

The increased availability of leather bags online in UAE have opened opportunities for men to own cool business bags without compromising functionality. In fact, with new designs available, it enhances productivity of compartmentalising paraphernalia making efficient use of space to a whole new level. Our favourite is the Magnate men’s leather business bags which are stylish for office going men.

Following are 5 types of bags that can help a man looking for style and functionality in one bag:

1. Briefcase

For years the briefcase is associated as standard carry around luggage for office / work / corporate people; with the look being kind of boring and staccato. It made working decorum even more dull. However, in the recent times acceptance to a fresh new perspective one these boring designs have spread like a wildfire which gave the designers the opportunity to improve the look without actually damaging its reputation. It’s formal appearance is an immediate tell where the person is heading to and the exterior look of the bag has become the new cool.

2. Laptop bag

The main purpose of this bag is to carry a laptop. In today’s day and age, seldom does a person travel to work without a laptop. Hence, men’s cross body laptop bags are trending even in the young generation who carry it with unmatched panache. Laptop bags are especially designed for laptops and have dedicated spaces for machines of different sizes (be sure you know the size of your machine before purchasing this bag) and its accessories such as chargers and cables. Since storage is its key feature, it is important that the bags have enough padding in the materials used in the interior of the bags to protect it from damage and leakage of liquids, if at all. In-hand options are available which gives one the freedom to carry in different ways; on one shoulder, across shoulder, in-hand. Maybe try a different look for each different day?

3. Backpack

Backpacks were generally carried by youth; and are still often associated with youth. But now, the backpack has become the norm and is agnostic of age. Whether you are taking the metro or train or an uber or even travelling to work or a day trip, the backpack is the go to bag. This has changed because of the way the bag has evolved. They are very convenient and easy to carry around, storage is huge plus point as one can find spacious compartments; with laptops, wallets, keys, documents including passports sometimes. It has dedicated spaces / pockets for all of the above and the more crucial paraphernalia can be even put in zippered pockets. Some bags, like the Urban backpack has an exterior pocket for quick reach for frequently used items.

4. Messenger bags

In the messenger bag category, Men’s statesman messenger bags are causing positive outrage in the market! This is a classic leather messenger bag which is the perfect balance between style and functionality. It can be carried on one shoulder or crossbody on a side, it has made the corporate-look, even more cooler than ever before. Its design suits a busy work day and its gussets (or compartments as more colloquially known) are designed after in depth research in understanding what a day requires in the life of men from various fields of work.

5. Duffle bag

This one may come as the big surprise! These seemingly unassuming cylindrical bags have been recently made popular by celebrities as an airport look. We never thought that the modest duffle bag would it go far and would be so befitting to travel. They offer functionality as all of the bags above and in addition have more space to carry clothes and essentials to make it a smooth ride across time zones. Since the bags are made of leather, they go with a formal attire as much as an informal one. Duffle bags or overnight bags usually come in subtle tones of blacks and browns making them easy to match with any complimentary colours. What’s more is that most overnight bags come with a strap that can be worn on one shoulder and across depending on what you may be comfortable with.

Whatever is your style, go ahead and pick and never have another day of the Monday blues again!