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Most Trending Leather Accessories

Genuine leather bags and accessories should be the basic criteria when you are about to buy a leather product. You do not want to fall trap of buying a ‘leather bag’ that isn’t made with genuine hand-tanned leather and then handcrafted to perfection.

So, what are some of the leather items you can buy?

1. Women’s bags

Usually bags and purses are associated to be with women. On an average it is known that a woman could own up to 11 bags. This is backed up by proof where statistics show that retails sales of handbags in the US alone amount to approximately 10.1 billion US dollars. Ladies purses online sales also contributed to this huge number. Some of most favorite types of bags for women are the shoulder bags and the clutches.

2. Men Leather bags

But, did you think that clutches are only for women? Clutch bags for men are very trendy and are hugely gaining popularity. Leading brands in leather bags and accessories for men including Kaizer are including this style in the popular category. Along with the must-have leather business and messenger bags, be sure to keep an eye out for the clutch, too.

3. Cardholders and wallets

In global comparison of luxury leather goods, China alone clocks in maximum revenue of nearly $7,337 million. This number not necessarily comes from the usual purchase of business bags and handbags but is also contributed by buying smaller leather goods such as wallets, cardholders, key fobs and such others which also make excellent gifts.

4. Belts

A belt is a necessary accessory for all men. But, a well worn accessory speaks volumes. We’ve seen some trendy and chic styles at Kaizer that we highly recommend. Kaizer belts are handcrafted from pure Italian leather. Last year alone, the leather belt consumption of Italian leather belts grew by almost 102 million euro’s.

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