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The Gentleman’s Fashion Guide to Leather Bags

Leather Bags

The Gentleman’s Fashion Guide to Leather Bags

Leather bags are wardrobe essentials for any man and keeping it classy at the same time. Mens leather business bags keep you organized and help you in packing right for business or leisure trips, apart from helping you organise your daily office requirements such as your laptop, diary, stationery etc.


While women have traditionally shown a strong preference for leather handbags, leather handbags are seeing a rise in popularity amongst the chic male. These are however often mixed up with backpacks made of faux fabrics, which are usually carried by collegians. It is estimated that in 2014 men’s leather bag sales around the world clocked over a whopping $2.3 billion! If you are looking for the right leather office bag for men, we have come up with an ultimate Gentleman’s fashion guide to leather bags:

Ultimate Gentleman’s fashion guide to leather bags:


  • Leather: If you are looking to buy mens leather business bags, the first thing you must consider is the type of leather used. Not every leather is the same and there are various types available in the markets like Italian leather, suede leather, pebbled leather etc which can transform your look. Pick a material that suits your overall style and goes well with the outfits you have in your wardrobe. Beware of leatherette or fake leather; it is often low quality and imitation leather often proves to be less durable than traditional leather.


  • Messenger Bags: Now that you have gotten raw material out of the way the next step is to pick a style for your leather bag. Messenger bags shot into the limelight with the film hangover, where they were made fun of! Nevertheless, messenger bags are extremely handy and can look really good with those dapper suits you have for business making them the new style statement for the quintessential metro sexual male.


  • Tote Bags: Tote bags are very similar to leather handbags for women, but if you have the personality to carry them off, they can look great with both, formal wear and casuals. What’s more, use them to pack a picnic for your beach vacation and pair them with slippers and beach shorts for the ultimate in beach fashion.

  • Leather Briefcase Bags: Leather briefcase bags are a very versatile option which is suited for both business travelling, for the jet setting businessman and even for holidays. Leather briefcase bags can be your trusted companion for carrying your things and keeping them organized for just about any type of trip.


  • Leather Backpacks: Leather backpacks have the illusion of being bulkier but are way more comfortable and durable as compared to their fabric and polyester counterparts. With current styles, they are the go-to bags for collegians as well as people who have to travel a distance to get to work or the cool casual look. What leather bag to pair with your dapper suit? A Leather backpack is the answer!


Now that you know briefly about the different leathers and styles to consider as a part of our ultimate gentleman’s guide to leather bags. Leather bags are back in vogue again and are a durable and classy option for storing your things and during travels. We hope this guide has been fun and informative for you. Happy bag shopping!