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4 ways to getting sustainable

sustainable travel bags

Today’s times require to remain sustainable not by choice but because its most required. Without having the consciousness to be sustainable, the earth will be able to take on any more than it is already burdened with. Sustainability is not a concept, it needs to become a way of life. Not just in the hands of a few who are conscious about it, but to the masses at large.

The important question remains how does one achieve this? We’ve only listed 5 ways to achieve this is the way we at Kaizer endeavour to do so, but please feel free to add in the comments section more ways to do so.

  1. Innovate style – The thought of not repeating clothes or accessories or wearing a new dress or carrying a new bag every time is the single most silly way to dress. Innovate. Mix and match. A single black dress accessorised in many ways can look as amazing and a head turner than owning 5 different black dresses. You can have 3 dresses (or look at point 2) and have 3 accessories and voila! You have 6 different looks with half the inventory!
  2. Share! – Sharing between immediate friends and family is the cutest. If you have a teenage daughter and she is willing to let you borrow from her, encourage it. Let her wear your classics and bring them back in style. If you have a close friend, borrow from him / her. Or do an exchange. There will be time when you will get bored of what’s in your closet and raid theirs.
  3. Buy consciously – When you go out to make your first purchase, buy with a consciousness that will allow to foster sustainability.
  4. Align with a company ethos – At Kaizer, we use pure hand tanned vegetal leather. The leather itself lends to long use eliminating the use of constantly changing bags and accessories. Additionally, even pieces of scrap are re imagined to designs that can be further created into something beautiful. Hence, making use of the leather to its fullest capacity.

As mentioned earlier, these are only a few ways that we at Kaizer innovate and adapt to the changing environment to make it available for the future generation. Reading this, are you sustainable?

Share your ways with us in the comments section below.

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