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Top 3 things to do on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide, albeit on different days.

Are you in the same quandary as a lot of others? Should I get her the new leather bag that she’s been wanting? Or maybe a leather wallet? Or the handcrafted purse that came up on my Instagram feed the other day.


In a recent study done by a local but forward thinking school in a small country, one who thought they practiced gender equality, they found out that the inequality is so ingrained that while our minds believe in a certain way, our actions prove otherwise.
Here’s what happened in that video – A set of simple questions were asked to few kids.
1. Who helps you with home work?
2. Who opens the door when the bell rings?
3. Who makes you breakfast?
And such others. Routine activities. Nothing earth changing. Each child or siblings were given placards reading ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to hold up once the questions was asked. There was only one child who consistently raised the ‘dad’ card. You are smart enough to assume what we’re arriving at.
Therefore and in spite of, let’s really take a moment to celebrate motherhood. Let’s not get peer pressured or bull dozed by marketing antics but really celebrate the person who unconditionally gives – even without her own self knowing. We’ve listed down the broad ideas. You know your mum best and how to personalise it to her liking!
We’ve made a simple list. Actually what we suggest is that you do all of the below for her.

Shower her with gifts

Do a big statement gift but also do several tiny one’s. Kaizer has a fantastic sustainability concept where they use leftover leather after handcrafting their bags to make lovely bag charms and cable ties. These are given complimentary with every purchase. It’s a win-win situation for you!

Plan a special evening

Along with a dinner plan, make time for her. Ensure that you not only make the table reservation for her but also find time to join her for lunch / dinner. Maybe give her a personal tour of your workplace. You will be surprised at how little parents or children know about what the other really does. This may be a good opportunity to do just that.

Give her the day off!

Discuss options with her where she gets to pamper herself all day. But beyond that, she’s free of all responsibility. Maybe you and her could check in for a staycation?

These are just some ideas you could start planning from. Like we mentioned, your rapport with your mum will decide the way forward.

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