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Where to buy men’s leather travel wallets?


Jack Canfield’s advice is Carry your most important goal in your wallet.

A wallet is literally an extension of every man’s personality and hence the most important men’s accessory of all times and especially when you are travelling.

Where can you buy men’s travel wallets in Dubai or online?

We’ll get to that later. But first, what to look for in a good men’s travel wallet?

  1. Exterior look and feel

It is often said, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’. But, in the case of Kaizer wallets, along with functionality and quality, the look and feel of the genuine leather handcrafted leather wallets are perfect. Furthermore, they make ideal travel companions. The Kaizer leather wallets come in a smooth finish like the August and Credence collection, in a combination of colours like the Adroit colours or in a fantastic textures like the Wittet Croco wallets.

    1. Leather quality
      Kaizer believes in sustainability. Kaizer sources its leather from tanneries in Florence. These tanneries hand tan the leather and use veg tannins to add colour making the leather sustainable.
    2. Textures
      Textures like the Insignia and Wittet Croco collection are unique to the Kaizer brand. These are specially created to give the wallets a distinctive look.

2. Functionality

Functionality is at the core of every Kaizer wallet which makes them ideal even for travel. The wallets have card slots, coin pockets, bill fold compartments, receipt pockets and some even have zippered pockets.

  1. Pockets
    Receipt pockets or coin pockets – as mentioned earlier, the Kaizer wallets are apt for taking along on a short business trip or a family vacation.
  2. Folds
    While travelling a lot of people still prefer carrying some local currency. Most Kaizer wallets have two gussets for bills which makes easy to compartmentalize local and home currency.
  3. Card holder slot
    With everything being converted to plastic cards, you can ever have enough card slots. Some Kaizer wallets surely surprise with the number of card slots that are available.

3. Sustainable

As mentioned earlier, Kaizer uses sustainable leather. Kaizer is conscious of its environment and glad to partner with tanneries in Italy to use sustainable leather for their handcrafted bags

and accessories. Additionally, Kaizer uses leather that is a by-product of the animal farming industry.

4. Brand

For those conscious of the brand and for those who look more at style and functionality, Kaizer is a brand that fits every bill. It is a home-grown brand and ships directly from its headquarters in Dubai to every part of the world. What’s more, it offers free international shipping*!

Now, coming back to the question – Where to buy men’s leather travel wallets?


If you are a more hands-on shopping kind of person, message us to fix an appointment for a personal shopping experience at Kaizer.


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