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Top 3 reasons you should pick a Backpacks in Dubai

backpacks in Dubai

In today’s blog, we discuss the humble Backpacks in Dubai. Backpacks are also commonly referred to as rucksacks or knapsacks. Backpacks are bags that are popular with both men, women, and young adults. Additionally, the backpack is the go to bag for carry on carry luggage while traveling.

Therefore, backpacks can be further separated based on usage –

  1. Everyday use – to go to school / college / work
  2. Quick weekend trip or carry on luggage

Schools and colleges have just resumed. Everyone’s been seeing their friends and colleagues after months and want to make a good first impression.
Additionally, the travel industry, one of the worst affected industries, is clawing its way back into business. The world over, people have started looking at travelling within their country or to neighboring countries rather than taking long flights to their dream destinations.

In both the scenarios, we recommend the backpack. And to present a more fiscal view, according to statista.com, revenue in the Bags & Accessories segment is projected to reach US$118,656m in 2020. The global backpack market was estimated to be worth around 17.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and was forecast to reach a value of 20.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

And if you still need reasons to add a backpack to your closet, here are our top 3 reasons –

1. Hands free

This is one of the most sought after reasons that the backpack or knapsack is so popular. Swing it over your shoulders and you are good to go. Furthermore, straps on the backpack are versatile to different styles of carrying – you can make them criss cross or not, you can wear the bag on one shoulder or two. We’ve even seen some college kids carrying their backpack in front rather than on their backs!

2. Space & Construct

Storage is another feature that’s synonymous with the backpack. The bag is usually carefully crafted to ensure that there are lots of smaller pockets to store paraphernalia. In addition, there are many zippered spaces and usually a dedicated gusset or compartment for a laptop or a device. We also suggest looking out for a backpack with an outer zippered pocket. The Kaizer backpack from the Insignia and Urban collections have a great design.

3. Look

If you are looking at a more stylish backpack, the Kaizer Cosset and Ascot collections are what we would highly recommend. Their contoured look make them look extremely chic. They also come in stunning colors that will surely catch you eye. What we love about Kaizer’s particular style on these backpacks is that they come with a top handle. Even if you do not feel like carrying the bag backpack style, you can easily carry it in your own style.

Whatever be your style, always remember these words by Earl Shaffer,
Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care.