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Travel Gear Essentials

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

Rightly said by Susan Sontag.

Travelling soothes the wandering mind, by drifting away to places that it may have read about a thousand times but experienced only now. If you feel the need to travel for a break, vacation, getaway, work, whichever word you pick, you have to know how to pick your battles.

There is the right kind of bag for every kind of holiday. So, before clicking the ‘book’ button for your next trip, make sure you have the right tools to travel.

1. Luxury travel

This is exactly that sort of trip. Pure lavishness. Think pamper. You want to carry your purest silks and your highest heels. Therefore, it becomes important to match that with the right kind of valise. There is nothing more luxurious and classy than carrying pure Italian leather handcrafted luggage. We suggest a set with earthern hues to carry forth the subtlety of luxury.

Kaizerleather Statesman Cabin Trolley bag

2. Back packing trip

If you pack your own bag, are an independent one at traveling, then you are the lone ranger we are talking about. Backpacking trips are for solos. You maybe traveling in a group but your ownership is restricted to what you carry on your back. Pick a bag which uses sturdy material. What better way than the toughness leather. For colour, definitely go for a dark colour, a hide that is more tolerant to a stain.

Kaizerleather Travel Crossbody Bag

3. The one dayer

A lot of traveling types fit in this category. A 24 hour weekend trip, morning to evening travel and such others. You cannot shy away from the fact where you need your essentials, even if you are just for a day. So, the bag must be spacious enough and ensure that you pick one that has many sections, preferable even a section for a quick change of footwear, in case packing for a corporate meeting.

Kaizerleather Cavalry Overnighter

4. Picnic time

This is the easiest but could most likely be the trickiest. You want to be hands free plus keep all your essentials – keys, money, phone, close to you. So, unquestionably a cross over. And, keep the colours bright, happy and excited just like the mood of the day. You want to keep even the garb all picnic’y’!

Kaizerleather Mirth Crossbody Bag

5. Long ‘haul’iday

Whether it’s summer or you are going back home to the folks, presents are a part of this holiday. You not only have to pack for yourself but also manage space for those you will be visiting. Play smart. Plan big. And…small. If you have an onwards and forwards short journey, you will bless yourself for overthinking at the packing stage. Make sure you get’em in all sizes. But, be sure to put in that extra important travel document case which organizes all your papers perfectly.

Kaizerleather Statesman Overnighter Trolley Bag

Safe travels!

Have you taken a kind of trip that we haven’t covered? Put it in the comments below and we will suggest a match made in heaven you’re your kind of trip.



Posted on December 30, 2016 by Nishreen under Travel category

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