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Handbag goals for 2021

It’s that time of the year when we think back, contemplate the good and bad. The unanimous decision on this year has been that it has been trying… good different for some, may be not for others. But none cannot deny that it has been a huge learning experience.

 In an article released by Deloitte, the picture looks grim –

“Growth may continue to slow

The retail industry should be prepared for changing economic conditions in the coming year. The economy slowed last year, with real GDP growth declining to 1.9 percent in Q3 from 3.1 percent in Q1. With the outlook for global growth dimming and the uncertainty of trade tariffs unlikely to go away soon, we expect real GDP growth to slow to 1.6 percent this year from 2.3 percent in 2019.”

 The retail industry has taken a huge hit – by far the most difficult year. Some of our favourite stores were not able to succumb the set back of the pandemic and have even had to close doors. But it’s not for us to ponder over the past. Let’s celebrate the one’s who survived it – let’s celebrate their resilience. And for the stores that didn’t, let’s hope that they come back with more gusto and renewed spirit!

 What we thought we could do was put together an easy roster for your shopping goals, in particular for your handbags and accessories, in the new year.

Streamline your wardrobe. You always have more than you think you do. Every time you say the words, ‘I don’t have anything to wear or carry’, look better. And you will find something there.

Get Sustainable
Whether we like it or not we need to be conscious of our environment. Going sustainable is the only way forward. Kaizer uses sustainable leather – the leather used is a by product from the farming industry plus Kaizer bags and accessories are created using the best quality hand-tanned Italian leather where the leather ages gracefully.

Go Classic
Have one classic bag in your closet – something that goes with any outfit. One that can be carried in the day and carried clutch style in the evening. Kaizer has some stunning designs in the Shadows collection that can bling up.

Go beyond your comfort zone. Young designers worldwide are exploring with designs. Encourage them by stepping out of the tiny box of brand names that you are used to. Take a leap of faith! You will surely be pleasantly surprised.

Looking forward to 2021

Like we mentioned before, people are exploring new designs, new ideas, new ways of execution making the bags and accessories industry a truly exciting one. Our personal favourite is the edgy looking Cosset collection from Kaizer. It uses geometric shapes, with our compromising on the functionality of a good leather bag to make a fantastic handcrafted pice of luxury.

The new generations who are now becoming the decision makers while making purchases don’t believe same brands that their parents did. They are willing to look beyond the label and see worth versus value before buying their bags and accessories.

After reading the above, are still looking for designer labels?

Let’s welcome 2021 with open arms and give it a chance like we have to no other new year.!