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Top 5 Men’s Wallets You Can Buy In Dubai

Happy Holidays!!

If you still haven’t bought your Christmas gifts, you must hurry! Buy mens wallets online or buy mens wallets in Dubai at Kaizer.

Furthermore, Kaizer wallets are handcrafted in pure Italian hand tanned vegetal leather that makes each piece unique and a labour of love.

You may wonder… with digital wallets taking over, who would appreciate a wallet as a gift?

According to, revenue in the wallets & little cases segment is projected to reach US$3,146m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 7.4% (CAGR 2020-2025). So, contrary to popular belief wallets make excellent holiday gifts.

Wallets have come a long way. Many many moons ago, pouches were used to carry gold coins. These pouches were made from leather even then.

The current craft of designing wallets still follows the same principle – functionality comes first. Today’s wallets not only have bill slots (sometimes two in travel wallets to accommodate different currencies) but also have slots to hold several cards – credit cards, access cards etc. Some are even equipped with a coin pouch which is usually a buttoned pocket.

Wallet styles are many – long and short, depending on bill fold, some only dedicated to cards (which are referred to as card holders). More so, Kaizer wallets come in various textures. The Wittet Croco collection is a particular favourite among many. Furthermore, the Kaizer wallets also come in various colours and combinations that make them trendy, chic and classic all at once.

A quick pro tip while buying a genuine leather mens wallet online or in Dubai – please ensure that the leather is full grain (beware of terms like split grain, bonded and faux leather) to enjoy the full leather wallet experience 🙂

And if you are still wondering about buying that wallet, here’s Terri Handrix and Lloyd Maines serenading you with a song about keeping a photograph of your loved ones in your wallet 🙂


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