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Allure Hexagonal Bag

USD 329
If you are crazy about shapes, the Allure collection is for you, especially the Allure hexagonal bag. Not only is the design in high spirits but also are the colors that it comes in! Swing the handbag over your shoulder with its trendy metallic strap and play along! SKU: KI2201

August vertical wallet

USD 142
A smooth finish classic design but in a vertical format. A wallet that exudes a feeling comfort and of being home. Despite its compact design, it will surprise you with the space it offers. Double Billfold, 8CC, 4 receipt pockets SKU: KA576

Credence Mens wallet with 10 credit cards slot

USD 143
The Statesman wallet is a smooth finish classic leather wallet. Its quintessential contrast tone stitching and slightly textures leather elevates its classy look and feel. Signature Kaizer Lining Double Billfold, 13CC, Double Stitch in Gray SKU: KZ549