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Laptop/document business bag – Adroit

USD 370
The Adroit business bag can also be classified as a laptop bag. It is available in stunning colors and combinations. SKU: KZ1284

Absolute tote

USD 241
Another stunning tote from the classic Absolute collection. This classic double-handle leather tote comes in definitive leather colors of browns and black. Double handle, spacious interior, zipper pocket divider, zippered pocket on the inside, 2 medium size pockets SKU: KZ1801

Adroit Business Cardholder Vertical

USD 79
Along with all your plastic cards, the Adroit business cardholder has space to keep some paper currency. The back of the wallet allows for access ads so that they can be tapped without removing them. SKU: KZ934

Adroit iphone 7s+ case

USD 151
Ever walked out your home with just your phone? Now, you can ensure that along with your phone, you even carry your important access and credit cards and some loose change, all in one case. And the Adroit iPhone cover is that solution. 6CC, 2 receipt pockets SKU: KZ2715

Adroit Wallet – Cross Style Pocket

USD 181
Cross Wallets for men are usually a standard size. The Adroit vertical wallet breaks those dimensions to offer a unique and stylish accessory for men. We highly recommend this kind of wallet for those who prefer to hand-carry their wallet rather than hide it in a back pocket. SKU: KZ589

Adroit Wallet Small

USD 115
The Adroit wallet is one of the most stylish accessories for men with its distinctive dimensions (most standard size wallets are slightly larger) and smart combination of colors and textures of leather. SKU: KZ588

August Business Cardholder

USD 138
A compact cardholder with the slightest textured leather. Its distinctive white-on-black stitching makes it a real stunner. 11CC, Gusset for Business Cards, Double Fold. SKU: KZ915

Card holder wallet – Adroit

USD 60
The Adroit business cardholder wallet is a chic way to keep all your plastic cards neatly stacked up in one place. The Adroit business card holder wallet is a chic way to keep all your plastic cards neatly stacked up in one place. This unique card holder comes in a combination of colors and textures. SKU: KZ935  

Cavalry Business Bag

USD 287
This Cavalry style goes perfectly with those well-tailored business suits. The Cavalry collection bags give the quintessential leather rugged look but with the panache for the new age business person. The bag comes in a solid black completing the style statement elegantly. Double gusset, three medium document pockets, storage kit with provision for cell phone & 3 credit card slots, 2 medium pockets in the front with snap closure. SKU: KZ1274

City Business Bag with Trolley

USD 728
The City Business Trolley bag is a runway hit among all ages for both men and women as the go to travel buddy. With its rugged look and meant for rough use, this body bag is quintessential leather handcrafted luxury. Furthermore, it’s detailed design ensures maximum functionality. Double handles, 1 fully openable large zipper, 1 large zipper compartment, 1 mid-sized zipper compartment, spacious Interior, slim pocket on the inside, storage pocket in the front pocket with 2 card holder gussets. SKU: KZ1237

Duncan Wallet Smooth Finish

USD 122
The Duncan wallet is a smooth finish classic design. A wallet that exudes a feeling of comfort and of being home. Despite its compact design, it will surprise you with the space it offers. Double billfold; 6CC; tone on tone stitching SKU: KD524


USD 60
This simple leather key fob makes for a stylish yet functional holder for keys. SKU: KZ1028