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Women’s Clutches

Shop women’s clutches online UAE and in store from Kaizer. Our women’s clutches come in various designs and colors and are a perfect accessory for an evening out.

Our clutches are inspired from geometric shapes such as the Rhetoric collection, colors around us such as the Shadows collection and classic designs such as the Ascot collection. All our women’s clutches available online UAE are carefully handcrafted by our artisans in our Dubai workshop in pure Italian hand-tanned veg leather.

The Ascot Clutch – From available clutches online UAE and in store, the Ascot clutch is a top favourite. This versatile clutch can also be used as a sling bag (it comes with a metallic strap). It is available in solid colours that are vibrant and can be used across seasons.

The Shadows Clutch – Shaped like the quintessential small bags, amongst clutches online UAE, this comes as a close second choice. It is a combination of three earthy colours and therefore can be used as a day bag and very easily converts to an evening purse.

The Scintilla Clutch – The broach is the signature stroke in available clutches online UAE. It really ups the oomph factor and looks stunning even when carried with a plain black dress.

The Viva Clutch – This is a classic clutch and sling bag. Again, available in a stunning array of colours, Viva clutches online UAE and in store are a must-have to complete your wardrobe.

The Rhetoric Clutch Bag – This one is the superstar of all clutches online UAE and in store. The Rhetoric clutch bag comes in bold colours and a design to match. It also breaks away of the norm that clutches should be small – this is a large bag and help clutch style. A top favourite.

The Soiree Clutch – These clutches online UAE are akin the moon and stars embedded in the softest leather. It is a clutch from one of ur classic collections and has been a bestseller across years.

Each of Kaizer’s clutches are nice in design and functionality and complete a varied look. As mentioned earlier, some clutches come with metallic straps and can be worn sling style to ramp up the oomph.

Besides women’s clutches, Kaizer also has wallets, card holders, keyfobs, bag charms that go very well with the handbags.

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