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Laptop/document business bag – Adroit

USD 738
The Adroit business bag can also be classified as a laptop bag. It is available in stunning colors and combinations. SKU: KZ1284

Cavalry Business Bag

USD 572
This Cavalry style goes perfectly with those well-tailored business suits. The Cavalry collection bags give the quintessential leather rugged look but with the panache for the new age business person. The bag comes in a solid black completing the style statement elegantly. SKU: KZ1274

City Business Bag with Trolley

USD 1,451
The City Business Trolley bag is a runway hit among all ages for both men and women as the go to travel buddy. With its rugged look and meant for rough use, this body bag is quintessential leather handcrafted luxury. Furthermore, it’s detailed design ensures maximum functionality.   SKU: KZ1237