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Soiree Clutch KB2220

$ 227
The Soiree clutch is a celestial bag in every way. The epoxy imprinted leather completes the look. And the feel of the softest leather clutch is akin holding a cloud.

Soiree Hobo KB2200

$ 430
The Soiree hobo is a floppy true to its name hobo genuine leather bag with a special epoxy imprint. Its interior is so spacious that it will surely surprise you in the best way possible.

Viva clutch big

$ 361
The Viva clutch bag is the perfect night out bag. Available in a stunning range of colours, the clutch purse fits snugly as a palm carry or you can bling up your look with the metallic sling by carrying it should style.

Viva Hobo

$ 387
If large bags or purses are what you prefer then the hobo style is for you. And especially the Viva hobo, as it comes in an array of colours and is best suited for the bright mornings to further perk up your day.